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Alma Ulmane

I am Latvian by nationality but have lived in the heart of Europe (the lovely Brussels) for 10 years. This means that I speak 4 languages and have a deep love for my chocolate dipped waffles. But this also means that I’ve had to fight harder to remain true to my Latvian roots and heritage which have inspired my art.

In my artwork I love to explore different cultures and their influences. Having witnessed and learned about so many different people growing up has really opened my world to trying new materials subjects and ways of expressing myself, however one thing has always remained constant- I am a perfectionist and love to incorporate details.

My current piece is an attempt to link traditional textiles and generative design. The designs themselves are based on traditional Latvian patterns that have evolved over thousands of years. The signs you see before you today however, are produced by various algorithms but manufactured the same way they would have been generations back- in textile.