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Lim Qian Joo

Lim Qian Joo (b. 1995, Singapore) first became inspired to venture into new media and to create artworks with code and technology after being inspired by the interactive and visually stunning works of TeamLab and Naoko Tosa. Music and sound has also had a strong influence on her works, as she has had a passion for the playing the piano and guitar.

Before starting at university, Lim’s works were mostly illustrations in traditional mediums. Lim’s recent works revolve around paradoxical concepts and involve sounds and movements presented in the forms of interactive installation and performance art.

As Lim’s first piece of performance art, ‘Cycle’ is a series of walks which incorporates the use of robotics and sound. It was inspired by the concept of graphic notation in music and the materiality and principles of East Asian calligraphy/ink wash paintings. In each unique recurrence, ‘Cycle’ explores the theme of spontaneity and individuality transpired from rules and structure by the means of the performers’ personal interpretation of a set of given instructions.

Opening Night only: 9 walks starting at 17:40 in 20-minute intervals. Last walk at 20:20.