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Sapphira Abayomi

Growing up I found my passion for art through painting and very palpable materials. As my art practice developed I transitioned toward experimenting with different digital mediums. However more recently my work has been driven by the notion of integrating the untouchable and tangible. ‘Growth of Dependency’ is a painting which uses a generative system inspired by organic movement to explore the relationship between the virtual and the tangible. The synthesis between both elements is what completes the piece. ‘Growth of Dependency’ is representative of a commensal symbiotic relationship whereby the physical brushstrokes do not need the virtual element to exist. However the same cannot be said for the virtual growth forms, those growths can only begin their life and growth forms once they have a physical element that can act as their host. ‘Growth of Dependency’ is a collaboration between myself and the generative system, in which the system uses my outputs as its way to thrive.