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Thomas Pinsent

Following his interests in music, visual art and technology, Tom explores ideas and themes sat somewhere between all three. His recent projects have mostly all been fully dependent upon digital technology, and with this in mind he has begun to branch out into areas where technology doesn’t hold such an important role, where a digital aspect instead exists harmoniously with others.

‘To me, To you’ is a collaboration between Tom and his computer. Inspired by a lack of traditional, more physical forms of art within the digital art world, Tom has kept the electronic part of his work within the production, leaving the final product independent of digital technology, although having been heavily influenced by it. First, Tom adds a shape to the canvas. His computer scans it, then projects a new shape onto the canvas based on a pre-trained aesthetic, which is then painted over. This process is repeated, shapes and forms thrown back and forth between human and computer, until the canvas is finished.